How to publish my app? The code is hosted on GitHub

Hello. I am very new to the open source community in general. I have an application already published on the Google Play Store, with the code hosted on GitHub, however, after reading the contribute page I still kind of don’t get how to publish an app. Hate to be that guy, but could someone explain to me with more details (if not a step by step) how to submit my app for the first time, and if it is possible, how to release updates too.
Sorry for bothering, and thanks for the people that reply :slight_smile:

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I believe it would be as simple as submitting a Request for Packaging. The “New Issue” button will give you a nice checklist/template like so:

* [ ] The app complies with the [inclusion criteria](
* [ ] The app is not already listed in the repo or issue tracker.
* [ ] The original app author has been notified (and does not oppose the inclusion).
* [ ] [Donated]( to support the maintenance of this app in F-Droid.


### Link to the source code:

### Link to app in another app store:

### License used:

### Category:

### Summary:

### Description:

There is a quick start guide as well, which goes into setting up the SDK and build environment, writing the metadata, and submitting the merge request.

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