How to prevent the memory of your phone to become fully filled with social media content?

Is there a way to prevent your phone to become fully filled with social media content? I’m using Dandelion* and Fedilab.

There is. Just don’t use the app which behaves like that. Or ask developers to fix it

You can clear App caches to free up some storage. Here’s how that should work on most Android versions.

  1. go to the list of all apps
  2. long-press and hold a app icon, eg. Fedilab
  3. drag it to the control-field labeled “App Info” and release
  4. tap on “Storage”
  5. press the “Clear Cache” button

Cache Data makes your Apps faster and use less internet bandwith. In turn it fills up your storage. It’s save to delete.

(Avoid of pressing “Clear Data”, that will delete everything that App has stored on your phone.)

You could also switch to alternative Apps with less storage consumption. I’m not aware of any Dandilion alternatives, but you could try Tusky instead of Mastalab.

@a-o If you’re refering to RAM: Your phone uses unused RAM as much as it can, so it’s not going unused. When other applications do need it, the less-important Cached Data is trashed for the more important one.

Thats why Chrome runs perfectly on 2GB-Ram machines, but uses up to 8GB on more powerful ones - so the RAM at least can improve your experience.

In case of Storage, you’re good off just deleting your Cache frequently.
But it’s definetely a developers issue for inproper use.

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