How to get permissions of all apps inside F-Droid?

I’m thinking of doing some informal research on F-Droid apps, and I was wondering if there is any place where all the AndroidManifest.xml files could be accessed? I mean without downloading and installing all apps, of course. I can probably calculate most from the “Repo:” line in the metadata, but if there was an existing location I’d prefer that.

Short of that, I’m mostly interested in the permissions requested by each app. Is that accessible anywhere (without spidering the website)?

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Interesting topic that you’re researching on. Don’t forget to publish the results and ping F-Droid’s community about it!

In the repo’s indexes there should be all information about permissions of apps. There’s once the old XML version of it and the newer JSON version packed into a JAR archive (which you can open with any archive manager that supports JARs). Information should be the same, feel free to choose the format you like more.


Thanks! I’ve downloaded them both, and either should fill my needs. Like I said, it’s informal, but I’m trying to check up on the permissions the “average” or “typical” app on F-Droid requests, especially the possibly “nefarious” permissions. I got the idea because I noticed people on Reddit discussing my TWIF article from a few weeks ago ( and asking how I could say the F-Droid apps were less likely to be, well, evil.

If I come up with anything interesting I’ll get back! Thanks again!


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