How to Disable "Open F-Droid when this USB device is connected?"

I have the F-Droid app installed on three different devices. When I connect a USB flash drive to any of these devices, a message appears asking “Open F-Droid when this USB device is connected?” even though in the F-Droid app’s settings, I have “Scan removable storage” turned off. How can I disable the message from appearing?

Known issue:

Thank you for the reply and URL. I have seen and read both the github and reddit posts, but neither of the posts offer a solution to the problem. To temporarily solve the problem, I have downgraded to F-Droid app version 1.6.2. The latest version 1.7.1 still has the problem. Are the developers of the F-Droid app aware of and working on the problem?

That’s not Github…that’s the Client source repo…the Issues section…so yeah…aware…no fix yet :slight_smile:

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