How to backup data of a specific app?


Im trying to backup the data of few appss (not all) from a android 7 to android 12, both stock rom (not rooted)
how could I do?
thank you

If you’re not using a custom rom and you’re not rooted I think the only method to bsckup an app’s data is to do it through google or maybe through adb if you have a computer to connect the device to (but I’m not sure).
In case you can see if the app has its own backup system.

There are three ways,

  1. The first way is that the package itself has the possibility.
  2. The second solution is root access.
  3. The third solution is programming and adding the possibility of making a backup to the package and updating the package and taking a backup.
  1. Have SeedVault included in the Android version.
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