How can I test the autoupdate?

I was wondering, how can I test the autoupdate mode ?

I modified a com.gacode.relaunchx.yml so that there are only two builds

  • versionName: 1.3.1
    versionCode: 100301000
    commit: ReLaunchX_1.3.1
    subdir: app
    submodules: true

    • yes
  • versionName: 1.3.2
    versionCode: 100302000
    commit: ReLaunchX_1.3.2
    subdir: app
    submodules: true

    • yes

What I do,
I do fdroid checkupdates

The yml updates, it goes for example from
CurrentVersion: 1.3.2
CurrentVersionCode: 100302000
CurrentVersion: 2.1.5
CurrentVersionCode: 200105000

But there aren’t any other differences.

Then I do frdoid build program.

It still only only do the builds that are explicitly written in the list ( 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 but not 2.1.5)

Am I missing something ?

The full .yml would help to answer your question. Can you at least post the “tail” of the YAML file? Especially what AutoUpdateMode and UpdateCheckMode say.

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