Hide app in listview

I need to hide an application but it can do update, but I don’t getting to do this.
Any ideia?

You want to stop app updates? If so…in app details…upper right menu…?

Not! I want a particular application not to appear in the application listing, but that it has the required updates because it will already be installed on the device.

You can’t hide apps in F-Droid

I think it is possible yes, because I managed to hide by doing a check in the file “INDEXV1UPDATER” but it does not update afterwards. Remembering that my fdroid client is customized.
I believe it’s possible, yes, I just can not find the correct class so I can hide an item from the view if I change the flow of the listing.

Please specify this is a custom version question and not just a user thing.

@soaresdiogo Share your changes to the world, it could be of benefits for everybody :slight_smile:

Yes, Is a custom version.

Was a lot of changes, is a custom version to a project in my company.

If you are talking about fdroidclient, the license is GPL, which requires you to share the source code with anyone you share the APKs.

If you want to have the ability to hide apps from the list view, you could implement the filtering as described in https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues/564

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