Help: sandbox analysis tool software

This is probably irrelevant with F-Droid, but I’m looking for a
web-based sandbox analysis tool (for FOSS computer software).

Someone here suggested virustotal for scanning phone apps months ago
It works too for computer software but the results are not as detailed as for phone apps, which shows all their intents clearly.

There seem to be fewer such tools for computer software (maybe upload size is an issue)

I’ve found a couple but not exactly what I want:
cuckoosandbox is open soure but needs to be installed
hybrid-analysis is web-based but has upload size limit at 100mb

What I’m searching for:
a web-based tool that shows what a computer software does in the background, what permission it uses, etc
or some scanning tools or commands on Gitlab or Github would also be great
(Some may suggest use certain commands to show that for installed software, but I’d like to know what they do before installing, but please share if you know)

I asked on other forums but …
People here are pretty privacy-minded and may know some

appreciate any help

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