Having G-Droid problems - Android 10

Unknown Application

I picked up a new Pixel and went to install Riot/RiotX, and found out abra cadabra poof! They’re not Element.

Um… Okay. Great contract though, Congrats! :slight_smile:

Anyway, using F-Droid I immediately wanted to install primary apps like KeyBase and G-Droid, etc., and G-Droid came up as “Unknown Application”.


There’s no ‘about’ desicription of anything either. The screenies are indeed there, however.

Something is definitely broken for this fantastic app alternative.

I installed it and it works okay though, yet nothing beats G-Droid when it comes to the comment/review section of the app though. That rocks and I post the reviews directly to my own Pleroma server…

Sometimes I have been having issues installing or perhaps upgrading an app, causing me to just use the Standard F-Droid client which works fine, although a bit of a plain Jane, as Sammy Hagar might say.

So what’s up? Does anyone know what / why, and how G-Droid is broken? Not a lot of commits as of late, but I don’t see anything odd for a well polished and stable application.

Am I missing anything?

Known issue, see G-Droid repo issues.

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