Has the Wiki been decommisioned?

Good Morning,

I like to check the recent changes on the wiki (https://f-droid.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges&days=7&from=&hidebots=0&hideanons=1&hideliu=1&limit=500) to “watch” the build - deploy process “in action”.

It seems that it is no longer being updated (last build cycle is not shown).

I remember it being mentioned that the Wiki would stop being updated eventually. Is the Wiki now decommissioned?

Note that I also check the F-Droid Monitor page (https://monitor.f-droid.org/builds/running), however, I find there are some info on the wiki page that is not included on the monitor page (time of build and previous build cycles come to mind).


I see that the wiki page is now forwarding to F-droid Monitor. Is it possible to add to the monitor page, the building times/date per app as well as info on previous build cycles?

The Wiki was obsolete since Dec 2018. The “history” part is not (yet?) recreated on the monitor site.

What were you looking for exactly?

Although the Wiki was obsolete, the Recent Changes page displayed useful information about the current (most recent) and previous build cycles (at least up to last week).

The info that formerly was on the Recent Changes pages of the Wiki that are not shown on Monitor are:

  • build date/time per app
  • previous build cycles

It was also nice to see the overall build and deploy date/times on the same page. With Monitor, one needs to view multiple pages to view the same info.

Of course, Monitor has many advantages over the Recent Changes page (including links to page, metadata and build log per app. This is why I would view both pages regularly.

It really is a minor thing. Maybe no one else viewed the Recent Changes regularly (if at all). I can understand that there are many higher priority things to attend to.

I did and liked the History of the builds :slight_smile:

But most of the time the last build is what I wanted (to fix)

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