Guardian Project Repo Signing Keys

F-Droid will not let me update any app from the guardian project because the signing key changed. Does anyone know why this happened?

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I run the Guardian Project repo, and use it. The signing key hasn’t changed, and I haven’t seen anything unusual. Can you provide more info?

I believe I just experienced something similar - though not related to the Guardian Project.

F-Droid told me there were no versions of AdAway available with the same signing key. I have never updated AdAway from anywhere else, so I don’t know how this happened. Anyways, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it from F-Droid and everything is fine again.

I now feel that it may have been an F-Droid bug. I updated F-droid and updated the repositories and now everything seems back to normal. i am using an alpha version of F-Droid but I have to because I couldn’t get “nearby” apps to work otherwise.

Might have been a bug in the 1.1-alpha2 version, which had some bad problems. 1.1-alpha3 should be much better.

Thats what I was using.

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