Gitlab pipeline, checkupdate fails


this is my very first app and checkupdate test on the pipeline fails. Error is Couldn't find any version information. Here is the source code:
And the yml file:

I appreciate if you could have a look. Thanks in advance.

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In the tag 1.0.0 the version code is missed in pubspec.yaml.

Thanks a lot!

I fixed the issues that FdroidBot pointed out. How do I trigger the bot again for a new check ?

Edit: Bot got triggered after editing the yml file.

How do I proceed next?

The “proceed next” being obsolete now (welcome aboard!), let me answer the other part for the case you’ve got nothing new to push. Always worth having a look at our Wiki, in this case at How can I trigger the bot/build to run again? :wink:

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Thanks mate. I have a question, autoupdate picked up the latest version from git but for some reason the new screenshots we uploaded in metadata folder didn’t show up in the update. I still see old screenshots in the f-droid app. Is there anything special I have to do when I update the screenshots? Am I suppose to open a new MR ? Thanks in advance.

As far as I can see you did all that’s needed: placed the new screenshots before tagging the release, using the same file names so they should replace the existing ones. No idea why the change is not reflected. Fastlane was pulled, else there wouldn’t be the latest changelog shown. Must be some kind of fluke…

Thanks for the reply mate. I cleared the f-droid app cache and the right screenshots were downloaded afterwards… Confusing that f-droid app doesn’t do it automatically…

Oh. Funny that even the website still showed the old screenshots. Unlikely to be the browser cache (I don’t remember having visited that page before), but who knows. Main thing is the new screenshots were picked. :tada:

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