Git pathspec error during build

The latest attempt to build Privacy Browser failed with a pathspec error.


error: pathspec ‘v2.7.1’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

I have not encountered this Git error before, but an internet search indicated it is likely a client issue, possibly one that could be fixed by running:

git remote update
git fetch

The Git repository hosting the code can be viewed at:;a=summary

Has anyone else experienced this error with an F-Droid build?

Git tries to checkout v2.7.1, which is missing. But there’s v.2.7.1 (with a dot after “v”). Is this a typo in the tag name or a new tagging scheme?

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Thank you. I missed that typo (even though I looked several times).

I fixed the typo in the Git tag, but the F-Droid server hasn’t attempted to build the package again. What is the process to trigger a new build?

fdroidserver retries failing builds automatically. It’s just busy with a huge backlog right now.