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I use Ghost Commander because it has an sftp plugin. But this plugin crashes as soon as you use it. I found out that the Play Store apk’s work fine. I asked the author of Ghost Commander when he’s updating the F-droid version, but he answered that he did not manage the F-droid version.

Ok, so two questions:

  1. is there going to be an update for Ghost Commander and its sftp plugin? The sftp plugin is useless now, it crashes immediately.
  2. I use F-droid and my own repository. When I put the Play Store apk’s on my own repository, I will create conflicts I think. Is there a way to distinguish the F-droid version from my “own” version?


Uninstall the F-Droid version, install the other one…the difference is in the signature…and maybe version number.

They publish 1.57 on Play, but the code still says 1.56.4 (aka the latest F-Droid version):
and wasn’t updated since April ( ) , so maybe contact them and ask them to push the latest changes to their repo too?

Ok, I did so, it works, but I wonder what will happen if there is an update. We’ll see :slight_smile:

And about updating Ghost in Fdroid: I found this site and that one seems to be up2date. Seems that is has been changed.


Hmm, apparently only the apk’s are newer AFAICS

Yes, they have newer “beta” APKs there, but F-Droid needs the actual source code to be updated

I asked the author about the source files and he told me that he will update the sources.


The new sources are here. And he said:

“I hope I’d find time to commit all the plugins as well. I’ll let you know their repos locations”


I am using Ghost commander from f-droid with the SFTP plugin and it is working fine. Perhaps there is something else going on?

The versions I am using:
Ghost Commander 1.56.4
Ghost Commander - SFTP plugin 1.14.7b1

Both are from the F-droid store. Maybe they do not work together if the plugin comes from a different store than the main app?

You must be lucky then, I tested it on several phones and they are all crashing as soon as you try to connect. And I’m talking about the F-Droid versions. The apk’s of the author work perfectly well.

Maybe there will be an F-Droid update soon.


I guess so, using it on pocophone F1 with custom rom to connect to my home server. Maybe it is a server configuration thing that triggers the bug, causing the crash.

Ok guys, the author wrote:

I have committed/made sure is committed the projects, the SVN repos
locations as follows:

Android Studio projects:

Eclipse projects:


F-Droid is looking at and that’s still not updated. :expressionless:

It picks up the update if modified to use: but it can’t build from these since the assets and stuff are in the other repo.

Please don’t use the SF repos ending with “code” except for the GDrive plugin. All new sources are commited to new repos ending with “svn”.

Please read my whole post…as the svn repo does not have the source code to actually build the app.

Continued here:

[quote=“Licaon_Kter, post:12, topic:6953”]
the assets and stuff are in the other repo
[/quote]what did you mean by that? The new “svn” repo does not use any files from the old “code” repo. If something is missed to be committed, please let me know.

I’m stuck… see

I clone the repo, then what?

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