Getting pubkey for whitelabel build


I’m working on setup and management of a new repo and a new whitelabel build, i already have my repo up and running and i tested it, works like a charm. But on the whitelabel build of the Android client, i wanted to make my repo as one of the custom repositories that Android users must find when opening the app, with no further setup. I followed the instructions as shown on the F-Droid documentation but i don’t know how to get my “pubkey” to put inside the default_repos.xml code. FYI, my repo is running on a Debian VM.

Also i searched on the forum, but there’s no similar themes. Thanks for any help or feedback you can give me.

I think you can copy the key from the repository settings in F-Droid after you added the repo manually.

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That’s the key fingerprint, not the key :frowning:

I had the same question.
First I got a .der-encoded export from the java keystore. Converted it to pem, used openssl to export the pubkey only, then de-base64’d it and hex-encoded it. It didn’t work.
Then I just ADBed into an install which had the repo in question and got the key from its /data/data/ sqlite DB, it’s in the pubkey column of the fdroid_repo table. This one did the job.


I finally can get my whitelabel build working! I got my pubkey from the index.xml file generated on the fdroid server files. Now all things are working like a charm.

Thanks to @nutomic for the hint!