Frozen Bubble Trojan



Malwarebytes is reporting the Frozen Bubble as containing Android/Trojan.Spy.Agent.or

Can you please check the APK and verify if it’s false positive or a real threat?



False positive?


I hope not. Every day I play that game for about an hour. I wonder what it does with internet access. (?)


I am usually against these antivirus software for PCs – they are crapware, and have backdoors themselves. You should not trust one which isn’t open source.


I hope not too. I tend not to trust the scanners too, but this one actually has been quite good up until now.
@ [Licaon_Kter] - thanks for the scan report.
I’ve scanned it with Avira and Sophos and they say it’s clean so I’ve reported it as False Positive. Let’s see what Malwarebytes say to that.

Here’s a link to the report:



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Permission problem likely is anonymous viewer or only poster and assingees can view.

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