Frozen Bubble - new branch that builds with Android Studio

Because Google Play will soon require new releases to support 64-bit CPUs when apps have native code, I ported the project to Android Studio/Gradle, and it now builds using newer versions of the API and NDK. This requirement takes effect August 1, 2019.

To not stomp on how F-Droid builds the app, I did it in a branch:

All future development will be under this branch. Enjoy.

I’ve been playing Frozen Bubble a long time. If I’m looking at my phone in a waiting room, you can bet I’m playing this game. I never tire of playing it. I uninstalled and reinstalled from the Play store. (I can’t read code but apparently Play Protect can.) Just keep those permissions to a minimum…

I used this app to learn sockets in Java and to develop a multiplayer network protocol. The most egregious permissions are to allow for wireless multiplayer - can’t do it without them.

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