Frost app is loosing my place

The FB Frost app is interesting…seems to function reasonably well? One thing I’m noticing immediately is it looses the Post I’m looking at when I make a comment or look at the post…Frost doesn’t take me back to the POST so I have to look for it again…not very Handy? Can anything be done to go back to the same place on the timeline?

Did you look upstream: ?

This is too complicated for my level of understanding… seriously Didn’t understand where To go for git hub till you sent the link? So I just go back to FB off of Duck Duck Go! The FB app sux so I thought I’d give this a chance…the other thing I notice is that when ‘replying’ to comments No Photo Icon so Memes aren’t real possible… anyway It’s ONLY FB! not real crazy about FB so no big loss ! Thanks for your response though…

The development is done on Github, so you could look at ISSUES there maybe someone had the same, if not make a free account and add your issue.

This is probably reported upstream as

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