FreeDoom controller stuttering

I Don’t know if this is the right place for this but the freedoom app on f-droid has stuttering as soon as I play with a controller and use my analougesticks the camera jitters/stutters

Thanks in advance for any answers.

We only build the app, upstream should answer these, but the app is kinda not developed anymore afaik.

I don’t understand ( we only build the app) what you mean. Sorry

The proper place to report would be to the actual developer here:

But there’s no “Issues” section and it bares the note “Currently, there’s no active development of this fork or original Mkrupzcak3’s Freedoom.”

So we look at the original repo and it has “Issues” but also a note of “Due to the deprecation of the build tools for this app, I have stopped active development. Please check out the GitHub and let me know if you are interested in taking over this project. While this app will remain free and highly functional for most users, please also check out Beloko’s ‘DeltaTouch’ as an alternative.”. So yes you could report there, but don’t hold your breath for a fix.

Oh, thanks for your kind answers. Cool

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