Found Tracking Code In QKSMS

I have been trying out Classyshark 3xodus and found the following trackers in QKSMS:

A product analytics company for web or mobile, they seem to focus on gathering information on product use.

Monitors app stability, I do not see anything wrong with that.

A business analytics company that tracks user interactions with apps and provides tools for “targeted communication” with them.

After doing web searches on these trackers I believe that the description of QKSMS should be edited to mention that this app will gather data about you.

I only see Bugsnag with the same app you use to find trackers and it’s not dangerous.

So you’ve downloaded the latest APK from here:

Then scanned it?

I’m not seeing anything either: (besides BugSnag)

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Check your qkms signature label, these trackers are for the Playstore edition; fdroid qkms only use bugsnag: if it’s opt-out by default, then no warning is necessary.

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That’s correct - amplitude is only used in the Play Store release for QKSMS. I don’t know about it’s targeted communication functionality, but I use it to learn which features are used and how they are used, so I can try and improve them.

Bugsnag is bundled into the current F-Droid release, but it shouldn’t actually work since the F-Droid build server doesn’t provide an API key. Regardless, it has actually been removed for the next release


There are apps that provide their own Bugsnag keys like FairEmail…

Good to know that you would remove these from the F-Droid. BTW, I am unable to provide an bug report now, however, it seems the latest version, freezes when it tries to backup or restore file size beyond 20-25kb. Not sure, maybe some issue, however, if you can try and check.
Another thing, it does not automatically sync the names against numbers, once contacts have been created. Example: I SMSd someone, before adding them, and then post adding, I SMSd on the same thread, and the contact still showed as number. Reboot, soft reboot, FC, data clear, nothing works. After 5-6 reboots it works automatically.

Report this upstream on Github please.

Perhaps, but that’s not the case here.

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