Found Java compiled class at `buildSrc/…`

Okay so in my project, I’m using the gradle’s buildSrc folder, which is a specific module that allows one to go a bit further than gradle scripts. Problem is, it seems that it’s not compatible with the checks performed by the server (which I can’t seem to reproduce locally).

Basically the logs complain that there are Java compiled class at buildSrc/build/classes/kotlin/main/fr/xgouchet/gradle/Dependencies.class, which is perfectly normal as that’s the purpose of the buildSrc module. All the code in this module is compiled before the gradle config is evaluated, and all the code is, by nature, in the project, so as open source as the rest of my app’s code.

I understand the concern about having proprietary code, but is there a way for the server to whitelist classes built from the buildSrc module ?

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You can add a scanignore rules for this case.

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Thanks a lot for this tip !

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