FOSS WebAssembly sister site?

Seems like there is a future in WebAssembly how about starting up a F-Droid sister website for WebAssembly??

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I in no way represent F-Droid:
This sounds far out of scope.

maybe its out of scope,
I was just hoping the F-Droid group would start the initiative to make something similar for WebAssembly. I am hoping WebAssembly one day replaces both the Android and iOS echo systems all together.

I am hoping WebAssembly one day replaces both the Android and iOS echo systems all together.

WebAssembly is just a binary code format. What do you mean by “replace Android and iOS echo systems”?

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I thought about it and it is a little bit more complicated then I first thought. Because the WebAssembly environment is kind of wild and untamed. Reminds me of Windows CE vs Windows Mobile.

The reason I say it can replace Android and iOS ecosystems because of what Google and Microsoft are doing to infiltrate iOS. Apple wont let them into their AppStore right? Well they are both investing in progressive apps in order to infiltrate the Apple ecosystem. Also streaming services like Netflix don’t like the 30% fees the app stores charge. So they are depending on their websites to try to avoid the fees. The more Apple and Google try to collect the 30% the more services like Netflix will side with web related technologies.

Anyways from what I’ve seen, WebAssembly apps run just fine on phones. They can be just as sophisticated and snappy as native apps. It is foreseeable to use something like a Nextcloud box as a back-end to WebAssembly apps. Most FOSS people will find a way to setup a Nextcloud box if it means de-googling their phone.

In WebAssembly the browser is the Operating System. As things are, a browser is a lot of overhead but that will encourage somebody to make a thin linux distro similar to ChromeOS or FirefoxOS where the whole OS is the browser. Similar to LibreElec. Just enough OS to make it work.

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