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Hey guys,
i’m wondering if splitting the forum up in one part for the regular user and another(which of course is also publicly usable) separated part mainly for the work of the community would be a good thing, so that a user who probably just wants to get a little help or something wouldn’t be bothered with structural, ethical or technical discussions. I’d like to hear your thoughts.
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That is documentation, which ideally isn’t posts on a forum.
I see it as a benefit to engage users in community, and especially ethical discussions.
Additionally that makes for fewer barriers in contributing, of which there are a few already.

Discourse supports labels for designating content, which doesn’t really “split” the forum, or?

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I totally agree that anyone who wants to read or even contribute anything here should be able to do that. Just thought it could be a little overwhelming for many people, but i guess you got a point.

Who is overwhelmed? The up-front requirement is being able to use a forum.
Moving discussion has been tried in the past, when censorship happened on GitLab. Utter fiasco.

What you are forwarding here is a “structural, ethical and to some degree technical discussion”, would you have liked to take it elsewhere where fewer people would see it?

That was the idea, but I agree that it wasn’t a good one.

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