Firefox fennec 88.1.3 crashes

after installing ff 88.1.3 it crashes a few seconds after opening. only thing i could notice is that opening settings as fast as possible prevents it (until you leave settings). and typing in address bar accelerates the crash.

i tried to rollback, but fdroid fails the instalation of the older version.

I believe this is the only point of this message… any way to force the rollback or gather more info why it fails?

anyway, back to my possibly offtopic description of ff issues… then, after an entire day of this hapenning, it stopped. i could load pages again! decided the wipe all user data an reinstall. so far so good, until today (next day) started to happen again.

i suspect it migth be an experiment, but loading the about experiments page crashs it too. opening the app and going quickly to settings still prevent the crash. but going into about, crashes… it shows that it never crashed :confused:

Is it Firefox or Fennec F-Droid?

Can’t say anything without a crashlog. Install adb, enable debugging on your device and save adb logcat after a crash.

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