Failing to update "AsteroidOS Sync", which is not actually installed

Hi all:

I have a Sony Xperia 5II with Android 11.

A few days ago, F-Droid wanted to update an app called “AsteroidOS Sync” and was failing. I got a few notifications about this.

The notification message in German was “1 Aktualisierung”, “AsteroidOS Sync Installation fehlgeschlagen”. I was getting that as a standard Android notification in the lock screen.

The funny thing is that I have no “AsteroidOS Sync” app installed. The list of pending updates in F-Droid is empty. I looked inside the F-Droid settings, in the option to managed all installed apps, and that app is not there.

I also looked at the global list of installed apps, in the Android settings, and the app is not there either. I wouldn’t install such an app myself anyway.

What may cause this behaviour?


F-Droid 1.13.1?

Yes, version 1.13.1, of course. I wouldn’t settle for anything less. :sunglasses:

Do you still seo this or was an one off?

Can you update to latest 1.14-alpha3 and keep an eye on it?

I got several notifications in a short time, so I set the update interval to 2 weeks to stop the annoyance. I have set it to 4 hours now, and I haven’t got any more notifications about “AsteroidOS Sync” or anything else suspicious.

Under the “expert” settings, there is an option to turn on some “installation history” (the phone is in German). I gather there is no logging enabled by default, where I could see what the problem was a few days ago.

If I enable that logging setting:

  1. Will it fill the disk? Or does it rotate automatically?

  2. Will it log attempts and failures (something like syslog), or just simple messages like “I upgraded app xxx yesterday”.

It is not actually my phone. So am wary of leaving something behind that may fill the disk, or installing some alpha F-Droid version that may break other things.

The recorded data is really small, it should not be an issue.

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