F-Droid use it for non-games apps?

Hi All,
I have several educational apps on Google Play store that are doing well but once I tried to submit a public safety app it was suspended. It is called Threat Monitor, free and tells people distance and direction to Wildfires, Earthquakes, Air Quality Indexes and Covid-19 areas. I noticed that store does not have any category for Public Safety. So I am looking for a different Android App store to submit my APK or if needed setup my own Android App store. Any suggestions. It is shareware not open source.
Thanks for the feedback!

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I think F-Droid is only for FOSS (open source) apps.
However, I think you can make your own repository for F-Droid clients.
Another set of alternatives is Aptoide and Amazon.

Thanks I will look into those. I did not realize Amazon supported Android apps but it makes sense.
Yeah I suspected from what I read F-Droid may not support shareware but was not sure.

Again Many Thanks!

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