F-Droid, Orbot, NetGuard/ Tor connections

Hello everyone!

I am using NetGuard and Orbot. The Socks5 proxy of NetGuard is enabled and every data goes through Netguard and then through Tor to the Internet.
If you have a look at the options of F-Droid, there is the opportunity to use Tor for every download. I enabled it. Could someone explain me how this option works? I want to download through Tor. Is it necessary to use this option or are there any problems appearing? With Netguard and the connection to orbot there should be already be a Tor connection between the F-Droid repositories and my device, shouldn’t it?
There is the same option for Openkeychain to enable Tor through the options and I am interested how it works, I would like to expend my knowledge about this topic.

Have a good day!

If they all use the Tor proxy (via NetGuard or directly), there’s no real difference.

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