F-droid new icons`

I had designed new icons for f-droid but when i wanted to merge it gitlab asked for a permission but i dont have it.

Open a MergeRequest here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient with plenty of pictures and more info

ok ive opened it but gitlab says ask someone to gibve you permission to merge

i opened it and now i want sb to approve it

How about posting your images here first?


Hi everyone!

I’m a passionate f-droid user and I see, that f-droid has problems with it’s image for non-techie people.

So, a professional designer (who knows a lot about intentional design) and I will make some suggestions on design choices in the next weeks.

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While a rainbow coloured triangle just speaks to everyone, right?

What i tried to say:

Before we make radical design changes (for example the app logo), we maybe should think threw, what the goal of the (new) communication strategy is.

So we can develop a homogeneous design for the icon, the website, press material, social media and so on without losing the FOSS spirit.

This is what i want to achieve in the next weeks:
Bringing a concrete suggestion as a basis for discussion.


Its great to have offers to contribute here! The overall look and feel could definitely use improvement. The tricky part is that someone also needs to implement any new designs, and depending on the design, that can be very time consuming. Ideally, any new design work would also layout how it can be done incrementally, then it is easier for other contributors to jump in and help.


@redplanet This would be an extremely valuable contribution and it would be very interesting to see what you come up with, when you completely rethink how F-Droid presents itself.

I’d really love to see us start talking about the 3 distinct interest groups that make up F-Droid community:

  • Users
  • App Developers
  • F-Droid Developers

IMHO our Android App made some advances towards user-friendliness, but there’s still room for improvements. eg. On first launch there’s no dialog explaining what you’re looking at, and how find Apps you’re looking for. Also some devs are unhappy with this focus and want to keep using our old UI. Our website seems to be addressing both users and developers in a rather organically grown manner.

A coherent communication strategy behind all of this would be really awesome!


This, yes, I’d rather have some sort of welcome/splash screen on first start that doesn’t show the app until the very first repo download is done (with a simple proxy/Tor menu addon)

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