F-droid main launcher icon is missing


I installed F-droid from APK file, on a Lenovo tablet, with Android 9.

But the main launcher icon did not appear on the screen.

How can I start now F-droid?
How can I create a launch icon ?

Thanks for any ideas!

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So you’ve saved this APK: https://f-droid.org/repo/org.fdroid.fdroid_1015055.apk then installed it via the Browser or File manager?

Maybe check your launcher settings…

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I installed it via Browser, IIRC.

I checked my Android launcher settings and found that the option to add app icon to start screen was turned on.

So I don’t understand why it did not work in case of F-droid APK install…

Do you have any idea please how I can put the icon on the start-screen or how I can start it from a file manager?

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Get a better launcher, eg. KISS works fine from F-Droid.

If you have SD cards DO NOT install on SD card but internal storage.

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