F-droid has to replace google Play Store

Hello everyone, it’s the first time I write here and I’m already complaining :slight_smile:

They are years that I use with F-droid satisation and now I am getting closer to the custom roms type lineageOs and ArrowOS.
What really would be needed is that these distributions have installed by default to f-droid, but not only that. What is necessary is that the operating system recognizes as reliable, everything that is downloaded from F-droid. In other words, what is needed is a complete replacement of the Google Play Store. I suppose that in installing the Gapps, the system recognizes “trusted” the Play Store.
Something similar would have to be done with f-droid.

as the first piece you would need a zip package to install f-droid with TWRP, then you have to add the signature to the system to recognize as valid any package from the repository.

In this way you could prepare complete androit custom roms installations

think about it, please.

Do you mean something like the F-Droid Privilege Extension?

If using Magisk there’s a module with F-Droid Privilege Extension that works just fine :wink:

Also noteworthy if you want easier user experience:

  • LineageOS for MicroG comes with F-Droid (+priv ext) preinstalled: http://lineage.microg.org

  • If you can get a Fairphone 2 you could also use that with FairphoneOpen. It can be installed via Fairphone Updater App and has F-Droid privileged extension already preinstalled.


This from lineage.microg.org is ideal.
Use android without google, it has to be an option as simple as going to press a couple of buttons and go!

It is clear that currently only 0.0001% of users can use an alternative to google, but this is our fault. Each project is on its way without worrying about what others are doing.
F droid could really be the coordinator or at least a major exponent of an organization that meets minimum requirements:

A unique .zip with inside a basic version of opensource android droid. With this it would be enough for the moment.

As a second step we would have to convince the lineage and derivative teams to include f-droid by default.

Hi maxlinux2000,

This is a compelling idea, especialy in light of recent relevations about machne learnimg (ML) “fairmess”.

A while ago I checked the mircoG page. I was turned off because the page said that it was experimental or something to that effect. Also installing custom roms (especially TWRP) is a turn off for me. I know people who use phones that have been setup with TWRP and they constantly complain about various scams, bloat and general unexpected things happening on their phones. Those phones also have virus protection software on them that I don’t personally know enough about so it might not be the fault of TWRP.

Is microG still experimental? What are people’s experiences like with lineageOS or TWRP. Sadly I don’t have a strong relationship with anyone on this board to really be able to trust a response 100% but it all adds up.


Re Fairphone use, I think we should start to promote it but I have recieved little feedback on the idea. In these forums I am currently designing a new landing page, I thought it might be prudent to promote Fairphone to a small degree, by showing Fairphone in the hero image and attributing Fairphone for the photography in small text somewhere on the page.

At this point is using Fairphone relatively safe and secure or is it considered experimental also? I read that the team do monthly updates so I would expect the Fairphone OS to be maybe MORE secure than Googles Android os’es but again I’m interested in seeking people’s feedback.

Does Fairphone OS allow a person to go Google-free by default? The research that I’ve done seems to suggest it doesn’t, which makes the proposition to go Google-free still too difficult, imo (https://androidcommunity.com/fairphone-releases-open-source-google-free-android-software-20160502/)

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