F-Droid-Forum app won`t let me login via Github

When I try to login to the F-Droid-Forum app via Github, the app asks me to choose a browser. When I choose Fennec, the F-Droid-Forum tells me, there was an error.

@uniqx ^^^

it doesn’t work.

Good. I asked for this improvement some time ago.

Hmm that’s weird, it works fine for me. Are you sure you don’t have any add-ons that do anything aggressive to cookies?

I just use uBlock.

Can I switch the registration from Github to F-Droid dorect without loosing the identity?

Oh, I only now realized you mention the forum app (sorry!). I expect that to probably go wrong because the GitHub login doesn’t happen inside the app.

You should be able to allow regular login of your account by going to your account settings. I’m just not completely sure which button you need (I already changed that for my account so I can’t see the button).

Thank you for the answers. For now I just won`t use the app, but a browser.

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