F-Droid doesn't work in my phone

F-Droid doesn’t work in my phone
Android MIUI 11
I installed F-Droid.
After launch - program doesn’t work right.
I can find and install nothing.
I have empty list of categories.
G-Droid works good.
Help me please.

pull-to-refresh the index? does anything block its access to the internet? can you set settings-mobiledata and wifi all the way to the right (always use)?

Thank you very much.
Anything doesn’t block its access to the internet.
You wrote “pull-to-refresh the index?”
How can I do it?

Open F-Droid client and pull.

“Pull” or “pull down” means to swipe downward. Try doing this from the top of the list and it should trigger a refresh.

Thank you very much.

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