F-Droid compiling react or koplin?

Morning! I’m currently looking into F-droid to publish a app I’m going to start working on soon (open-source). However, I read in some places that F-Droid can’t compile react apps, and therefore you can’t publish react apps on f-droid is this true? And if yes, does anyone know if writing apps in kotlin works? I was thinking of using one of these libraries (haven’t decided which one yet), but if it can’t handle react, but Kotlin the choice would be easy. :smiley:

Kotlin is seamless, no issue that I know of.

There aren’t many React(-Native) apps, but they compile fine (it’s a bit more work and you, the dev, must know how things go there) Eg. https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/blob/master/metadata/se.manyver.yml (see the Build block)

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