F-droid client is doing the download of index.jar

In my fdroid server when I runned the fdroid init was generated some index files, so, I put my .apk and runned the commandfdroid update -c and fdroid update but when I do the refresh in my fdroid client it do the download of both files the .apk and the .jar but I not want the .jar
What I do?

Can you specify this more? Downloading of index.jar is mandatory every time for client to get notice of the apps available on the server.

Ok, but the index.jar can be mandatory to client to get notices, etc but can’t show in store, correct? In my store I want show just .apks and not show .jar

You can put any file into a repo, including JARs. My guess is that somehow, you copied a JAR into the repo/ subfolder. Just delete it from repo/, then run fdroid update, and it’ll be gone from the repo. index.jar and index-v1.jar are the package index files. Those will never show up as an entry in F-Droid.