F-droid apps, don't update automatically

i’m trying to replace play store with a personal f-droid repository; i followed the wiki for installing fdroid-server (debian10, nginx) and f-droid 1.7.1 on the devices.
I can push new apk (i’m using casual apps found on apkmirror) and the device find the new apps (manual refresh/install), but if i add an updated version of an already present app, f-droid client doesn’t automatically update the app, i need to open f-droid, refresh the “category” tab, then i can manually upgrade.

Devices are custom POE android 7.1.2 tablet, fully rooted (i can su from adb, and various root checker confirm that the device is rooted)
F-droid client is configure for auto update (over data, over wifi, hourly check, automatic fetch) https://imgshare.io/image/img-20200226-081830.oa5Uy (sorry for the low quality)

Is there something i’m missing?

Thanks in advance for your time

Is the client excepted in battery optimizations?

Did you install the privileged extension? That grants you autoupdate.

Thanks for your reply.

The tablet has no battery, and it never goes in standby (also all battery option are disabled)

I didn’t understoot privileged extension was necessary, now i’ve installed it 0.2.11 (and enabled in f-droid setting); i’m receiving an error “the privileged permissions have not been granted to the extension” and looking to fix it.

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