F Droid App Error Android

I will update an alpla version of 1.10-alpha1 and try to downgrade the previous version error as failed to install due to unknown error

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Android security feature: NO DOWNGRADES ALLOWED

Call Google :slight_smile:

Depends on ROM, which one do you have?

Might depend on app too

Please get a logcat.

Or download the older APK for some app and try to install that from your file manager…does it work? If not…then it’s not F-Droids’ fault, right?

Umm Enable Developer mode on device, get USB cable, a PC, get PLatform tools (ADB) for your OS…connect… plenty of info on the internet on how to

Nope, this is not handled by F-Droid internally, it just passes the package to your systems’ PackageInstaller which decides.

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