F-Droid and Fairphone 2

Since 6 months I get no updates in F-Droid. Today I try an new download via this QR-Code on https://f-droid.org/. It install F-Droid 1.6. F-Droid dont show any installed app. For example I have install OsmAnd~ one year ago.

I can start F-Droid. But there is no apps at the first screen. Under category (in german Kategorien) there is “no categorie to show”. Under Update (german Aktualisierung) “Glückwunsch Ihre Apps sind auf dem neuesten Stand” (eng: “congratulations! Your Apps up to date!” ).

Fairphone 2
Android 7.1.2

Maybe the F-Droid lose his repository or so. But I can not install new apps via F-droid.

Thanks for help.

Try reseting F-Droid to the default state. You can do that in Settings -> Apps -> F-Droid -> Storage -> Clear Data. This will clear any preferences, custom repos, etc. Then go back to F-Droid, choose the Updates (Aufgaben) Tab, and pull down to start the update process.

Thanks Hans! It works.

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