F-Droid 1.8 changelog

F-Droid 1.8 just became available :tada:. The changelog only shows the changes up till the latest alphas though: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/raw/HEAD/CHANGELOG.md

Can anyone tell me what’s new and fixed :slight_smile:?

I think

  • new Android 10 permission config to stop Unknown Sources prompts #1833
  • Handle new “split permissions”: fine location implies coarse location
  • Fix seekbar preference on recent Android versions (thanks @dkanada)
  • Set backup rules to avoid saving the swap repo
  • keyboard opens when search is cleared
  • translation sync with Android strings
  • force common repo domains to HTTPS (GitLab, GitHub, Amazon)
  • standard ripple effect to links on app details
  • display default icon for apps with no icon



“changelogs/1008050.txt” did not exist on “master”

There currently is was an issue causing https://f-droid.org/en/2020/04/29/big-website-update.html to appear without the website UI, so maybe everything is being rebuilt?

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