F-Droid 1.0.1: Some app updates fail to install and force f-droid to close

Sony Xperia Z2
Stock ROM - not rooted
Android 6.0.1
f-droid 0.102.3
Unknown sources enabled

i started recently to have this problem.
Some app updates (torrent client, kiss launcher, odyssey) force F-droid to close and don’t install.
Another app recently added (paper launch) has the same behavior.
In addition, if i manually download the apk files when i try to access the download folder, file manager suddenly closes. I have to manually remove the apk files by connecting device to PC and using PC file manager.
With any app, f-droid appears to successfully download the package from the repo, but when I get the next screen notifying me of special access, only the cancel button works. The install button does nothing.

Do I need privileged extension installed? That appears to require root, yes?

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EDIT: Okay, I’m an idiot. Reading your post again, seems that there is an app that is taking control of your screen. Do you have a fl.ux app installed? Disable it temporarily and try installing again.

The privileged extension is optional. It will make f-droid behave like the Play Store app, updating the packages automatically in the background, and for that you require to have a rooted phone.

I don’t know why your f-droid installation crashes every time you try to update your apps, but I don’t think the privileged extension will solve it. You could try it, though, if you don’t mind rooting your phone.

The privileged extension works without root. To install it you normally
need a custom recovery (e.g. TWRP) though.
@Williamhawk , please confirm that Odyssey version 1.1.8 causes the same
Also what you describe sounds quite improbable so needs extended
diagnostics. Best you can do is get and share logcat. Please do.

I stand corrected. Now that you mention that it doesn’t need root, I’m seriously considering using TWRP with my phone.

As I mentioned, it is possibly the problem you have when installing an app that draws over the other apps and that takes control of the whole screen, like f.lux, twilight, f.lumen, etc.

They first need to disable it temporarily, then install/update their apps.

@Williamhawk, can you describe this better? First you say that (some) updates force f-droid to crash, but then you go and say that f-droid successfully downloads the packages.

What makes F-droid crash? The package downloads or the app installation/update?

Sounds maybe related to https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues/1203, which is fixed in v1.0.2