F-Droid 1.0.1: installed Apps



Since I updated to F-Droid 1.0.1 on my Android 6 phone, I can’t find the installed apps in F-Droid. There are only the uninstalled and the updatable ones.


It moved to the Settings tab (Manage Installed Apps). It’s a pretty bad location I think.


Yes, that’s really al little bit stupid. But anyway: thanks!


I did not discover this list until months after installing the new UI. I love the F-droid project but this objectively bad IxD. The placement makes no logical sense, since the list of installed apps is not a subcategory of the settings. On top of that, given that the rest of the app has a graphical UI, the natural tendency is to look for a similar graphical thing drawing attention to itself, making it easy to overlook a plain-text description in a list of settings options. Both of these things hurt discoverability.

A much more sensible placement would be under Updates, as a separate list underneath any apps that can be updated. Ideally with the option to sort by last updated, to make it easier to check changes to recently installed apps later.