[f-doid app] v1.7.1: Additional SD card access permissions on updating?


I currently use f-droid app v1.7.1. My update strategy is to stay one behind the last minor release. Following that strategy I should update to 1.9 now.

But: I refuse to update the f-droid app for month now because it requires additional SD card access permissions:

I wonder how the f-droid app could work until now? The app must hold cache information about all installed/available apps on the device. I looked at the changelog and the only entry regarding permission is “handle API 29 split permission”?

I’ve a lot of apps that require additional SD card access permission when using a new version:

I use OSM with offline data available on the SD card, but now OSM requests additional SD card access permission:

The same applies to Bromite, even on the same minor release it requests additional SD card access permission:

Is someone able to help me and shine some light on it?


It can load offline repos from SD cards.

But you can reject that permission if it asks you, right?

It never asked me because… I don’t use that functionality

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