Error building Fdroid server

I’m installing the fdroid server on a centos server using all steps into the documentation:

When i try to execute this command

python3 install
I have the following error:
error: can't copy 'locale/bo/LC_MESSAGES/': doesn't exist or not a regular file

I notice that in all locale/*/LC_MESSAGES folders there isn’t the

Into the git repository there is no

How I can fix the problem and install the fdroid server?


Hmm, I thought it should do it automatically, but I guess not. Try running this:
make -C locale compile


make -C locale compile
make: Entering directory `/usr/fdroidserver/locale'
msgmerge --sort-output --add-location=file --update de/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.po fdroidserver.pot
msgmerge: option "--add-location" doesn't allow an argument
Try 'msgmerge --help' for more information.
make: *** [de/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.po] Errore 1
make: Leaving directory `/usr/fdroidserver/locale'

Any idea?

Looks like you have an old version of gettext. You can just remove --add-location=file from locale/Makefile and run again.

Actually, make sure you have python3-babel installed, then python3 install should handle this correctly.

Hi! I can’t solve the problem, so i’m installing the old version and it works!

I was off by a little bit, you need to do:

python3 compile_catalog install

Or you can use the release version, where this is all taken care of:

pip install fdroidserver