Error Build Fdroid server

I did the whole process to install the fdroid server, but when I went to run the build command, this error occurred:
CRITICAL: No app metadata found, nothing to process!
What I do in this case?

Hey @soaresdiogo,
I’m not sure what exactly you are trying to do.But you have to run fdroid build from within a metadata repository. That means at least the subfolder metadata and an app metadata file (.txt/.yml) has to be present.

Thanks for your help Babu
I am trying runner this lines:
fdroid:~/fdroidserver$ cd ~/fdroiddata
fdroid:~/fdroiddata$ ~/fdroidserver/fdroid build org.fdroid.fdroid -l --server
I think that is necessary to do this build to up my service, is correctly?
I’m trying to understand how I up my fdroidserver to create my app, but after executing the command:
I could not do anything else

I did the command
fdroid init
Inside the path /opt/lampp/htdocs/fdroid, now is running ok.

@soaresdiogo, If you want to publish you own repo you probably don’t need to bother with makebuildserver. If you want to build apps you can do that locally with fdroid build <appid> without the --server flag.

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