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Hi there!
I usually use Debian on the PC and I have aMule installed because there are files that I only find there. Is it possible to download the files that people host in aMule from Android with an F-Droid app?

To my knowledge there is no Android Client for the *mule/kademilla network. Maybe Aria2 is what you are looking for. It seems to support kademilla. You have to run an Aria2 Server, though. You the can use this the Aria2App to connect.

Hope this helps.

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What kind of files?
Did not know that aMule still exists. I was a user more than 15 years ago.

I suppose the same that 15 years ago. You can install it and search some book, film, or song that interest you and download in case some user shares it. And if you install it in Android, explain it to us since I still could not do it!

Just to β€œ+1” as an aMule user.
It’s a great way to share and find material (books and movies) hard to find otherwise.
Still working fine.

check on Archive.org there are some perls :slight_smile:

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