DRM in all apps?


The next stage is here, w/ good & bad sides:


Oh, Google copied F-Droid Swap!


Yes, but in a quite DRM-y method, for claimed security reasons. Again, there’s good & bad to that.

It reminds how tracking may be implemented via SSL quirks:

solved by

which, of course, led to

(gives Tor Browser & Orbot a shout out for defeating this 1! :mega:)


Another setting has appeared in Play Store settings: “Protect my updates”

which trialed a while ago, but looks like it’s ready for full roll-out now. Best quote from above (formatting is mine):

The warning messages feel a little misrepresentative by associating the issue with stability and improper functionality. It should focus on the nuance that switching sources may affect the consistency and timeliness of updates since they may differ from one source to the next. All the same, the wording is sufficiently ominous as to prevent most regular people from pulling the trigger.

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