Does F-Droid Inform of App Permission Changes while Updating?

Does F-Droid prompt the user if there is a permission change while updating apps? I know Google Play used to do this, not sure if it still does. If so, what does the prompt look like, and can you provide a screen shot? If the app goes from version ‘x’ to version ‘y’, version ‘x’ did not require internet permission, and version ‘y’ does require internet permission… will I ever know?

I am aware that the end user would probably know anyway, as the new permission would be requested when called. That wouldn’t be true for some type of accesses though (eg other permissions > internet permission) and also wouldn’t be true on older versions of Android that don’t have granular permission settings.

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Do you have any apps to test with? Old version vs New version with new permission?


The issue at the posted link basically covers what I wanted to know. And I agree with that person, that I want to be clearly notified when updated apps are changing their permissions.

Currently there is a way to determine if there’s new permissions though:

  1. Go to Updates
  2. Don’t “Update All”, instead “Show Apps”
  3. Click on individual App
  4. Scroll to Bottom
  5. Permissions
  6. Look for “New” tag on new permissions

I guess that’s good enough, but if you’re looking for F-Droid improvements make this info easier to spot (maybe “New” could be red) and don’t bury it under six steps.

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