Do you think Huawei will use Yalp Store in their new OS?

Hello everyone,

As you all may have heard, Google has restricted Huawei from using their Google Play Store and their Android OS and I laughed at this news, because I know that Huawei will find a way around this restriction, I’ve already heard the news that Huawei will be coming out with a new OS this fall, and I believe having no access to Google Play Store won’t affect Huawei because I don’t use Google Play Store by choice, I use F-Droid and Yalp Store, so if I could live without Google Play Store, so will Huawei. Tweakbox Appvalley

What do you guys think? Could Huawei design their own Linux-based OS and use Yalp Store as their Play Store?

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At this time, I don’t believe it’s even known whether their replacement OS will be Android-based (although it’s easy to guess it will be)…

Anyway, using Yalp Store technically breaches Google’s terms of services, so while they might not care now, they likely would if an OEM started pre-installing it.

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Then again there where rumors of them having talk with Aptoide, but the question still stands, where are the APKs coming from? Is Facebook loading APKs there?

Oh look, I’m sure Facebook loads Whatsapp APK to the mark8 Store on Aptoide :confused:

if I could live without Google Play Store, so will Huawei

With all respect, I don’t think it’s fair to compare you with a 100-billion dollar corporation. :slight_smile:

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Ahahaha :slight_smile: :slight_smile: The best question ever on software world :slight_smile:

Of course not! Imposible! They close Huawei but they will not use Yalp store.

Anyway… But huawei-google case will provide advantages for us. the apps (mostly closed sources) will not depend on google services behind their codes. that is very good :slight_smile:

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