Discourse message editing policy

Is there a specific policy about Discourse message editing?

I’m trying to update some messages to improve them and to fix typos, but I can’t find any button to edit them. I’m logged in and message are not that old (3 and 16 days).

Search the pencil :smiley: (in the title or under the message)

Policy to avoid short messages…

I can see the pencil in the message above, but not in an older message.

It seems that after a while, a message becomes not editable.

So, how long are the messages editable?

I just looked at the (default) settings of our discourse instance: message editing is active for 24 hours for new users (Trust level 0 and trust level 1) and for 30 days for Users of Trust level 2.

Ok, so I believe that I’m at trust level 0 or 1. How do a user pass levels?

Probably by contributing to the project (forum, code…).

See here: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

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I just upgraded you to trust level 2 manually.

Happy editing! :slight_smile:

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