Disappearing merge requests

I’m the developer of CrossWords, and app that someone else packaged for F-droid. Over the past couple of years I’ve become the person who maintains its metadata, making changes on a fork of froiddata then submitting merge requests.

Recently those merge request have started disappearing before they can be reviewed. Or at least: partially disappearing. If I log into my gitlab account and look at my fork there are no merge requests shown. But if I try to create a new one I can’t because, I’m told, it conflicts with an existing one.

I suspect I’m missing a step here in submitting the requests that causes them to disappear without notification after some time. Anybody else seeing this? Suggestions?



I may be wrong but think you should address this to GitLab.com

I’m not sure those should appear in YOUR fork… they appear in the repo TO WHICH you want to push.

eg. Are these all or?

I’m pretty sure they appear in my fork for a while. They’re just not there when I go back to check on status. I’ll double-check next time I create a MR.

That appears to be all of the recent ones at least.

If it’s not expected by f-droid devs and not part of the workflow in a way I didn’t understand – that is, if it’s a gitlab bug – yeah, I should ask them about it.

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