DictionaryForMIDs is supposed to be offline why is the permission "have full network access" needed?


According to the description of the app DictionaryForMIDs is supposed to be offline.

Why is the permission “have full network access” needed? Or is it needed?

If not: Does someone know how to get in contact with the creator/creators to ask them to release a new version of the app where they have deleted this permission?

I tried to mail to axw.dev@gmail.com but when I press Issue Tracker i find no GitHub page. It’s been months and no one is answering on that mail that is mentioned on the app page.

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Because an 1Mb app can’t have all that content?

The website explains “how to get” them: http://dictionarymid.sourceforge.net/android.html

You can use a firewall app, like Netguard, to control what domains you apps connect to… FYI :slight_smile:

okay. I get it now. :slight_smile:

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